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07-08 February: Meeting of the Chairpersons of COSAC

The conference of the Presidents of the COSAC will take place on 7 and 8 February 2016. COSAC is a partnership between different European Affairs committees of the national parliaments of the EU member states and members of the European Parliament. The participants in the Presidents' COSAC are therefore the presidents of the European Affairs committees of the national EU parliaments.

The agenda of the Presidents' COSAC contains fixed items, such as the establishment of the agenda of the plenary COSAC (on 12–14 June 2016) and the outline of the Bi-Annual Report. The latter is a summary of an inventory of working methods for EU matters among all national parliaments. There are also two sessions on specific topics.

The first session, 'Working together to ensure parliamentary control', will focus on the role and position of the Committees for European Affairs in the chambers/parliaments. This session concerns an exchange on the organisation of the European Affairs committees.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the current president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker will be invited for the second session – 'Parliamentary control over the current Council agendas and the new Commission work programme'.